Implants are used to replace lost teeth or to help to stabilise dentures. They are titanium screws, which are inserted into the gum under local anaesthetic. This part of the procedure is carried out by a specialist oral surgeon or periodontist.

After the area has healed a prosthetic tooth, or a denture is secured onto the implant screw by your Westfund dentist.

Implants are the most effective way of replacing lost teeth and they are the closest match to your original tooth, both functionally and aesthetically. Not every patient is suitable for implant placement, your dentist may need to carry out X-rays or CT scans to check if you have sufficient bone to support an implant. Implants cannot decay, however they still need maintenance to prevent the development of gum disease and possibly the subsequent loosening of the implant. The entire implant procedure may take a number of months to complete.