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Self isolation is no excuse not to hit the pavement

Self isolation is no excuse not to hit the pavement

Dr Mark is not letting self isolation stop him from running his next marathon. However, due to the COVID-19 crisis the marathon took place on his brothers balcony to raise money for health care workers through the #buythemacoffee. Mark ran 5,200 laps of the balcony to raise $6,000 to give our front line health care workers a much needed caffeine hit.

Mark was inspired after hearing that a French man had done a balcony marathon and thought he could do a faster time. He’s now a world record holder and appeared on The Today Show to share his story.

You can watch Mark’s interview with The Today Show here.

Dr Mark Bennett reaches new heights!

On Feb 8, Dr Mark Bennett took on the elements, ascending to Australia’s highest peak in the Australian Alpine Ascent. A trail known for its beauty and brutality, it is fast becoming the Southern Hemispheres Benchmark event for testing speed, stamina and strength.

The 50 km ultra-marathon started at Charlotte’s Pass Village and climbed through a series of peaks before reaching the summit of Mt Kosciusko, an accent of 2,228 meters.

After a quick break and a couple of selfies, Mark commenced his descent down Charlotte’s Pass only to complete the gruelling track for a second time.

Runners were well and truly tested on the day, contending with single digit temperatures, winds reaching over 100 kilometres per hour, slippery trails, rain and poor visibility. These adverse conditions saw a field of 120 starters culled to only 91 finishers. So we were extremely proud of Mark when he completed the course in 6 hours and 9 minutes in 32nd position. What a legend!

Selfies at the top.