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Now is the time to think about your smile

Now is the time to think about your smile

Now’s a great time to think about your smile.

With many of the restrictions imposed at the height of the COVID-19 crisis now being eased, now is a great time to assess your family’s health – and their smiles.

Many of us may have had our appointments postponed or delayed due to service restrictions. However, with school now returning and life getting back to ‘near’ normal, it’s the perfect opportunity to book an appointment at Westfund Dental Care Centre in Lithgow.

Current dental treatment guidelines now advise Level 1 restrictions, which means that all dental treatment, using standard precautions is available for all patients who visit our Dental Centre.

Continued screening of patients will be undertaken for those who do not meet the clinical risk factors for COVID-19 in line with our commitment to the health and safety of our members and staff.

Westfund’s Executive Manager, Health Care Services, Liz Casmiri, encouraged Dental Centre patients to get in touch to book in their routine assessments and appointments.

“Now is a great time to resume your treatment plan or to re-schedule your dental appointments,” she said.

“It is concerning that patients may have neglected their dental routine or the care and treatment of their teeth during the onset of the pandemic,” she said.

“One way to get back on track with your health routine is to initiate a check-up with one of our local dentists.”

“Often we see whole families come into the Centre together and with the school holidays now approaching, the ease in restrictions is a great way to get your family’s health back on track,” said Ms Casmiri.

You can now request an appointment online for all Westfund Dental Care Centre services or book in by calling our friendly consultants on 1300 937 838 (option 3) to schedule an appointment.